SmartRafter™ is a new engineered wood product developed by Timber Imagineering and licensed to Tilling Timber Pty Ltd. It combines highly reliable plywood and LVL to form a composite ‘C’ section beam. The composite beam allows an economical formation of a wide variety of geometric shapes, including, but not limited to, linear tapered, top edge curved and to fully curved. Box gutter end details were one of the major driving forces behind the SmartRafter’s invention.

SmartLVL 19

SmartLVL 19

SmartLVL 19 is a structural Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) manufactured for Tilling Timber to meet the quality controlled process requirements of AS/NZS 4357 - Structural Laminated Veneer Lumber by a toll manufacturer.

BENEFITS OF SmartLVL19 PRESERVATIVE TREATMENT OPTION - Stock SmartLVL 19 is H2 (glueline) treated for use in all parts of Australia. SmartLVL19 is manufactured from veneers of a Class 3 natural durability timber

SHORT TERM WATER REPELLENCY - SmartLVL 19 comes with a clear short term water repellent which includes a biocide/fungicide.


Tecbeam Australasia is proud Australian building products innovator, licensor and manufacturer. Its core technology is the TECBEAM® ‘I’ Beam/Joist, a unique, patent protected, innovative light weight steel and timber composite structural beam.

The composite TECBEAM® ‘I’ Beam/Joist comprises a continuous light gauge galvanized steel web, with press formed stiffening ribs and uniformly spaced service holes, and structural timber flanges of LVL, fixed by nails and/or spikes to each side of the continuous steel web.


The affordable Premium lightweight timber framed floor system that feels like a concrete floor.

TECSLAB™ is designed for low, medium and high-density construction. The TECSLAB™ system combines the properties of two exceptional construction products TECBEAM™ and Hebel® PowerFloor™ to provide a superior floor solution achieving quicker build times and significant cost savings.

Hebel® is a lightweight steel-reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) that has been used in Europe for over 70 years and here in Australia for over 20 years.


Feature 1
Design Software

Design SoftwareDownload the latest SmartFrame design software. The full SmartFrame Version 13.05 suite is now available.

Feature 2
H20 Shield

H20 ShieldThe next generation in short term water repellency.
H20 Shield™, is a water based sealer specially formulated and used under exclusive license.

Feature 3

CertificationsWe are proud of our certifications and standards.


Certificate of Compliance - SmartFrame Software

Tilling Timber - SmartFrame Design Software - Version 14.00

Certification of Compliance Document

We wish to certify that the Tilling Timber's Software Development Quality Assurance Manual, April 2012 has been prepared in accordance with the Australian Building Codes Board's Protocol for Structural Software Version 2011.1.

The Tilling Timber SmartFrame Design Software relates to the structural framing system of a building or structure, such as roof, wall and floor elements within the ABCB's protocol's limitations.

H20 Shield

All SmartLVL is now being manufactured with a short term ‘water repellency’ equivalent to the current wax treatment on oer in the market today.

SmartLVL 15 now comes with a clear next generation short-term water repellency, H20 Shield™ to replace the old fashioned wax sealers used by most other LVL manufacturers. H20 Shield™, is a water based sealer specially formulated and exclusively licensed in Australia to Tilling Timber Pty Ltd.

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