The affordable Premium lightweight timber framed floor system that feels like a concrete floor.

TECSLAB™ is designed for low, medium and high-density construction. The TECSLAB™ system combines the properties of two exceptional construction products TECBEAM™ and Hebel® PowerFloor™ to provide a superior floor solution achieving quicker build times and significant cost savings.

Hebel® is a lightweight steel-reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) that has been used in Europe for over 70 years and here in Australia for over 20 years.

TECBEAM™ is a composite structural ‘I’-Beam which has a continuous galvanized steel web and timber flanges resulting in a lightweight beam with structural properties closely resembling those of a steel beam rather than a solid beam.

TECBEAM™ is designed and manufactured in Australia by licensed fabricators and holds worldwide patents for its technology.

A high-performance lightweight flooring systemTECSLAB™ is a high performance lightweight flooring system which provides:
1) a superior floor solution, with the qualities and feel of a concrete floor.
2) rigidity of a steel frame at a significantly reduced cost.

TECSLAB™ can be easily installed by on-site carpenters and is unaffected by wet or changing weather during installation. Unlike wet-pour concrete, TECSLAB™ is installed without the need for curing or propping. Supremely comfortable, solid and low noise emission.

The TECSLAB™ system reduces foot-fall, airborne noise between floors and eliminates squeaking that is often a problem with other joist systems and particle board flooring.

TECSLAB™ boasts superior thermal performance (particularly for suspended floors) and assists in achieving thermal ratings that reduce heating and cooling costs.

Proven in the market, Australian designed and made All components of the TECSLAB™ system are 100% manufactured in Australia. Hebel® is manufactured by CSR Building Products Limited and TECBEAM™ is fabricated by licensed Australian fabricators. You can depend and rely on the product quality, technical expertise, warranty and continuity of stock supplies.

With TECSLAB™ you can trust that everything has been proven and tested and the components are being continually improved with ongoing research and development.

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