H2O Shield

H20 Shield

All SmartLVL is now being manufactured with a short term ‘water repellency’ equivalent to the current wax treatment on oer in the market today.

SmartLVL 15 now comes with a clear next generation short-term water repellency, H20 Shield™ to replace the old fashioned wax sealers used by most other LVL manufacturers. H20 Shield™, is a water based sealer specially formulated and exclusively licensed in Australia to Tilling Timber Pty Ltd.

H20 Shield™ offers numerous key benefits:
- High-penetration surface treatment
- Formulated to repel rain during storage and construction
- Includes a biocide/fungicide
- Paintable - acrylic and oil based coatings
- Glueable - using standard construction adhesives between the LVL and wood or plaster products
- When transporting or walking on the LVL it is not slippery like the wax surface coated products
- Environmentally friendly

Users will notice that the new sealer absorbs into the wood instead of leaving a lm on the top of the surfaces, which is the key to its added benefits.

As the graphic indicates, products treated with H20 Shield™ have a reduced up-take of water compared to raw and wax coated products.

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