SmartLam GL13

SmartLam GL13

SmartLam GL13 beams are manufactured to AS/NZS 1328 by quality Glulam manufacturers.

SmartLam GL13 Glulam beams are engineered timber products with high strength, dimensional stability, great load carrying capacity, superior fire resistance, and are manufactured from select quality Pine timber.

All timber used for laminating is carefully selected from production and graded according to specification. After trimming to the desired size, all stock is kiln dried to 12% average moisture content, to ensure efficient bonding in the gluing operations.

The laminations are finger jointed by machine, with glue being cured by cold press system and controlled temperature. SmartLam GL13 are available in A, B & C appearance Grades and are pre-cambered to a radius of 600 metres. Un-cambered SmartLam GL13 beams are available to order.

BENEFITS OF SmartLam GL13 COST EFFECTIVENESS - SmartLam GL13 beams high strength to weight ratio allows you to design for maximum loads over large spans with the smallest possible end sections.

PRODUCT QUALITY - All SmartLam GL13 beams are manufactured in accordance with AS 1328 Glue Laminated Structural Timber and the Glued Laminated Timber Association (GLTAA) Industry standard GLTAA-4-91.

FIRE SAFETY - Extensive fire test data shows that large end section timber performs well in fire situations due to the formation of a protective layer of char which usually occurs at a temperature around 250o C. This charred area inhibits the effects of the fire on the inner portion of the timber component, hence it maintains structural load support for measurable periods of time as the fire progresses.

Conversely, steel loses its strength rapidly as the temperature is raised. At about 550oC, it has lost about 50% of its original bending strength, and by 750oC it has lost 90%. Timber does not loose strength in the same way, with the loss of section size through charring the major reason for any strength reduction.

FAST EASY ERECTION - Timber is a user friendly building material, requiring no special tools other than those a normal builder would use, and with SmartLam GL13 beams, installation is fast, easy and efficient.

ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY – SmartLam GL13 beams are made from timber from sustainably managed forests, a natural resource that is friendly to the environment.

LOW MAINTENANCE - In most applications, SmartLam GL13 beams will require little or no maintenance other than that of which you would ordinarily carry out to any structural material.

NATURAL BEAUTY - The natural beauty of timber is desired and highly appropriate in many architectural applications. Appearance Grade A & B SmartLam GL13 beams allow you to build timber's natural warmth and beauty into your designs.

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