SmartFloor Cassette Systems are a fast and safe method of structural erection that results in a significant reduction in construction programming and in turn development costs.

SmartFloor is lighter than reinforced concrete so mobile cranes can be used to erect the cassette panels, which results in substantial savings in both the erection process and skilled labour costs.
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SmartFloor is a versatile building system that offers engineers and architects flexibility in design with long spans and the ability to use the panels for all floor assembly types just by varying the panel thickness.

SmartFloor also offers substantial environmental benefits such as long-term carbon absorption through the utilisation of timber.

SmartFloor is a flexible and light-weight building system that allows for long spans for floor construction. The panels are precision designed and fabricated in accordance with your specification.

Set Downs
Wet area and balcony set downs can be incorporated into the SmartFloor Cassette System which saves even further on site labour and fabrication time. Service Integration

The unique design of the TecBeam floor joist allows for the services to be incorporated within the construction depth of the SmartFloor Cassette System. This service integration significantly reduces the overall construction depth of the overall system and in turn maximises floor to ceiling heights.

Detailed Design and Drafting
The SmartFloor Cassette System utilises a detailed design and drafting service which ensures that every component of the cassette system is incorporated into the overall design of the project. Coordination with the supporting structure, architectural layout and service design is carried out prior to the fabrication of the cassettes which ensures that a seamless installation process is achieved on site. Engineering design and certification of the SmartFloor Cassette System can also be provided if required.

A primary reason for building in timber is the speed of assembly. Timber has been found to be quicker to construct and easier to work with, not to mention considerable advantages in weight reduction with comparable strength alternative materials.

Considerable interest is focusing on Cross Laminated Timber(CLT). CLT is increasingly growing in popularity with extensive media attention on the viability and market acceptance of timber as an alternative commercial construction material. However, there exists a number of complementary products that accompany CLT. These include, TecBeam, Cassette Flooring Systems, Commercial I-Joist [500mm and 600mm], Cassette Modular Flooring Systems, Glue Laminated Beams and Post-tension Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) or Glulam Box Beams.

Designing with Timber – The Significant Difference
Those wishing to produce a structure in timber will find that construction methods shall be different. First and foremost it is imperative that Project Developers collaborate at the onset of projects with Architects, competent Timber Structural Engineers, experienced in Mass Wood Systems and Services Engineers to ensure a process of education occurs. This educational process shall eliminate considerable problems occurring down the track. This is where the Tilling SmartStruct™ system comes in.

Trusting Your Project to Tilling
Tilling has formed a Worldwide consortium to ensure a tailored Design, Engineering, Supply, Delivery and Installation service to the Australian Market. Employing a consultative approach, solutions are designed in accordance with the scope of works in a collaborative process ensuring the most viable and cost effective solution is found and implemented.

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