Chain of Custody

Chain of Custody (CoC) tracks the path taken by a forest product from its origin in a certified forest, right through to its end use by the consumer.

It includes every link in the supply chain - such as harvesting, transportation, primary and secondary processing, manufacturing, re-manufacturing, distribution and sales. It means that when buying forest products, customers can select certified products that have a traceable source.

There are many parts to the chain of custody program, however two very important elements concern certification. Certification occurs in two parts. The first part relates to the organisation being assessed (via an audit) to be suitable to hold a chain of custody certificate. This is essentially a 'permit to sell'. It allows us to claim "we are authorised to carry certified product". The second part relates to the certification of the product. Each item that Tilling Timber claim as being certified must be indicated on an invoice. This is the physical product we purchase from our supplier and their invoice tells us that the product is certified.

Tilling Timber have a 'permit' to buy and sell certified timber under the PEFC scheme. However, we must also nominate what products we wish to sell under the the PEFC scheme. At present Tilling Timber only distribute our SmartLVL 15 and SmartJoist as PEFC certified.

If you have any enquires of complaints about our certification (both in terms of process and product) please feel free to contact us click here

Please find Tilling Timber's Chain of Custody Certificates.

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Tilling Timber is committed to Chain of Custody (CoC), or the traceability of sustainably managed timber products, and is certified under the two predominate global certification schemes demonstrating our commitment to sustainable building practices in Australia

In order to continue to deliver on our commitment to CoC certification, the company is committed to CoC certification Tilling has committed to the following:

1. Ensuring that all resource is from legal and known origins, by maintaining systems and processes to demonstrate the traceability of all resources inputs.

2. Provide adequate administrative arrangements and support to deliver the necessary CoC control systems.

3. Maintaining documentation and control systems to enable trusted and correct use of certification and logos on wood products.

4. Provide ongoing training and development of personnel to ensure adequate knowledge to allow for efficient and accurate implementation of CoC systems.

5. Regularly engaging an independant third party to review systems and ensure ongoing compliance.

6. Ensuring that the facilitates and processes meet or exceed all applicable workplace health and safety and environmental laws or regulations.

Complaint Procedures Tilling are committed to continuous improvement and as such provide this communication portal to request information regarding our CoC systems and processes, or, to lodge a complaint to the Certification Manager.

All enquires shall be held in strict confidence and followed up and/or actioned. Please send through as much detail as is necessary in order to support your communication.

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